News Page – Summary 2023

Welcome to behind the scenes of 2023.

Below are some of the highlights of our video production journey in 2023. Enjoy the tapestry of compelling stories, cutting-edge visuals, and unparalleled expertise. Join us as we continue to redefine the art of storytelling through captivating videos that leave a lasting impact. Explore the essence of cinematic excellence with METEORITE hunters.

Merry Xmas from us

January 2023

Result: Photo + Video + Online Shorts

That’s how to kick off a year with a project right up our alley. Multi day shoot, outdoors all day, creating photo and video content topped up with birds eye view. Working with talent, an agency and the client to deliver desired exports in various formats for an online campaign throughout the year, showcasing different parts of their tracks and unique accommodation. See more here.

Island Hills Station bts1
Island Hills Station bts2
Island Hills Station bts3

February 2023

Result: Photo + Video + Online Shorts

Not long after walking the Island Hills Station with cameras, another project was waiting for some creative treatment. Working with talent, animals and liaising with local air field to provide safe environment for all parties involved.

Multiple online exports in various formats for a local and International campaigns throughout the year, showcasing the beautiful Mackenzie country, different tours and available horse treks.

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March – May 2023

Result: Film Crew

Without revealing too much our nimble crew has been involved in several
departments on some major productions in the South Island at the beginning of this year.
Great way to keep up-skilling with the best in the industry.

Island Hills Station bts 9
Island Hills Station bts 10
Island Hills Station bts 11

March 2023

Result: Live-stream Crew + After-movie

SpicyBoys is Canterbury local hot sauce company creating unique and tasty additions for your meals. Not only that, their annual hot sauce festival and chili eating competition ‘Southern Spice’ at Riverside market sees some of the bravest boys and girls competing for the national title.
We love producing for this event, such a hardcore gig to watch people suffer!

Island Hills Station bts 12
Island Hills Station bts 13
Island Hills Station bts 14

May 2023

Nominations: Music video | Magazine, lifestyle and reality | Documentaries and factual series

We’ve submitted several projects into the New Zealand Cinematographers Society thanks to FAT Lighting, who sponsored our membership in 2023.
Attending the awards ceremony was a welcome break between working on the feature films and a great creative push forward! We can only thank these amazing people for trusting us:

Tracy Glatz – My face and God (Magazine, lifestyle and reality)

Lee Martin – What if I die (Music video)

Saints Fitness – Ordinary Humans (Documentaries and factual series)

Island Hills Station bts 15
Island Hills Station bts 16
Island Hills Station bts 17

June 2023

Result: Aerial surveying | Multi-spectral imaging | Agriculture

Making most of the drones we use for film-making, we’ve diversifed into other industries so they can take an advantage of this new technology.
We’ve recently attended a DJI Ferntech commercial workshop where we could see live demonstration of remote operation of DJI Dock, new multispectral attachments and agri-drones with up to 50kg payloads.

Island Hills Station bts 18
Island Hills Station bts 19
Island Hills Station bts 20

September 2023

Result: Video + Photo + Online Shorts

Mainland Decking just blew us away with the attitude, workmanship, professional approach and team culture.
Multi day content session provided for some exceptional imagery, showcase of skill and talent with plenty of opportunities to have a laugh.
Exports included exhibition special Hero Video, set of promotional photographs and vertical cut outs for social media.

MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 017
MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 018
MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 019

September 2023

Result: Video + Photo + Online Shorts

Foggyou everyone! =) Introducing Foggyou – the world’s first self-install security fog cannon, ensuring swift and non-escalating protection for your space. With international certifications and food safety compliance, this innovative wall-mounted device quickly fills any area with thick fog upon activation, obstructing visibility and safeguarding your belongings.


October 2023

Result: North Canterbury BDO Professional Services Finalist

The awards, held every two years, and aim to celebrate the diverse range of well-run businesses in North Canterbury. The entry process comprises a comprehensive online application form. All eligible entries will then be notifed and will go on to meet with the judging panel for their category before the winners and runners up are decided and announced at the Gala Evening in October.
We’ve been nominated and shortlisted in the BDO Professional Services category. You can check all the winners here!

MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 020
MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 021
MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 022

October 2023

Result: Video + Online Shorts

ORCA is the ultimate waste management system. Working on-site in any food outlet facility to “digest” all food waste, ORCA reduces it to environmentally safe water that flows into the wastewater system. One of them is saving the mountain in Canterbury, being put to a good use at MtHutt ski area.
You can check ORCA in action on this link.

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MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 024
MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 025

November 2023

Result: Official Selection At Aotearoa Mental Health Film Festival

We’ve been selected for the first ever Aotearoa Mental Health Film Festival for our documentary! Amazing story of ordinary people doing not so ordinary things. Imagine doing high intensity exercise for 48 hours… how far can you push your body before giving up…? The event had a target of $50K to raise for The Mental Health Foundation… and that has been exceeded by nearly another $20K!

Read more about the event:

Watch online and support NZ Mental Health Foundation:

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MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 027
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November 2023

Result: Virtual Build 3D Hero Video

Irving Builders aspires to be a customer-focused organization, celebrated for both exceptional work and a vibrant team culture. With commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, innovation, and an unwavering focus on enhancing operational systems for clients.
Have a look at this complex 3D video we made together.

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MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 030
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April | October | December 2023

Result: Event Promotional Videos

Ideal Events has a decade of diverse event expertise, from weddings to conferences and birthdays to community gatherings, especially big public events like Rangiora Market In The Park.
We are very excited to be a Platinum sponsor for these amazing local events.

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It’s A Wrap For 2023

Result: We are very grateful to these amazing production companies:

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MeteoriteHunters_NewsLetter2023 037

We sure will see you again in 2024!!!

Have a great holiday season and lets make next year a blast!